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We are currently adding new virtual plays, so contact us with questions and requests.


In 2023  
* in exchange for Feedback:
We always welcome feedback and suggestions. 
If you perform one of our virtual plays for free, 
send us feedback, as well as photos and video
of your rehearsals and production

During the pandemic we carefully crafted new, relevant VIRTUAL/HYBRID THEATRE PLAYS and will (on request) adapt some of our popular shows for Zoom or other virtual platforms, as well as for distanced performance.  


We are developing each play's Workbooks, Lesson Plans and Rehearsal Guides  that give guidance through the entire production process and to help even the most inexperienced directors or teachers engage the actors and audience for a successful experience. 


Our creative team is always available for support, so let us know what you need.    No question is too small or too big. 



WHAT THE FILTER! pages Image for




to thrill and engage producers, actors and audiences alike.


Grip audience and actors with the play's overriding question: 

Can ordinary heroes win the fight to overcome

powerful, evil forces, intent on dominating the world?

And will anything ever be real again? 

~ Produce as a full-length play (virtually, distanced or on stage), or

as an adventure series of "bite-sized", easily manageable episodes

to keep your audience coming back for more.


~ Interactive workshop lesson-plans to encourage engagement,

creativity and active participation in performing the script as is,

and/or building your own version of this adventure,

while experiencing a "Save the Planet" formula for story-building. 


Shaia accidentally discovers sinister motives behind all the distractions and filters that fill our 21st century lives. And, 

with dedicated friends, takes on the monumental task of

saving the world from a powerful mogul's evil intentions.


Innovative Ideas:

This play or series gives actors the option of choosing their own adventure or sticking to the script.


Opportunities to improvise characters and plot and to edit script.   


Perfect entertainment for the virtual era and beyond. 

Positive themes and messaging

Fun and challenging gender neutral characters


Great experience for acting workshops


Could be a TV or Radio show

Lesson Plans with rehearsal guides to add to the creative experience

and learn a "Save the World" formula.

Time:  Full length play: +- 90 minutes.

Each episode in the coming Series: +- 20 - 30 minutes


Cast:  7 - 15 (or more) gender neutral characters 

Click here to order free sample script or a production package.  

"Trouble in Nursery Rhyme Land"

A Bookish Comedy for the Virtual or Regular Stage

that is not what you expect . . .




Time:  +- 45 minutes


Setting:  Nursery Rhyme Land exterior

Summary:  Real world children aren’t

reading enough to keep Story Land stable,

so Story Land is becoming more like

the Real World!


Everything is going terribly wrong! 


The Crooked Man, who has ulterior motives, stirs up trouble by introducing  Real World ideas to StoryLanders.

Mother Goose deals with the fallout in

Nursery Rhyme Land, where Mary’s Little Lamb is

“too cool for school”, Little Miss Muffet discovers

spider-repellant and Peter Pumpkin Eater has marital problems.

The King of Hearts is sued by Jack and Jill,

the three Blind Mice, the Knave of Hearts and

the Maid in the garden hanging up the clothes! 


But Mother Goose, with help from

the audience, the White Rabbit and

the Library Bookworms, may save the day!

"Trouble In Nursery Rhyme Land"

is a clever, entertaining comedy

encouraging the audience to read books. 


For all levels of actors to gain experience

in children's theatre performance.



Flexible cast size of 7 - 16+ 

Flexible gender roles.

Fun, challenging pantomime type characters

Doubling of parts is possible.

Optional additional ensemble/chorus.




Importance of Reading, Empathy,

Kindness and Unselfish Helping. 

Avoid being judgmental. 

Beware of greedy charlatans.  

Classic tales have valuable lessons.


      ~ Perfect roles for character and comic acting.

      ~ Roles can be accomplished by any level,             

    Elementary school through to Professional.


      ~ Originally written as a "distanced" play

  where cast members perform "together"

in the same scene (each remotely from their own locations!)

Can be successfully performed on the stage.

      ~ Script comes with a helpful directions, a

   Production Handbook and an optional

   step-by-step production guide.

      ~ This fun play works with or without 

    its memorable original Music.

 Contact us with questions and requests.

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