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A Message from the Writers


Thank you for considering our plays, musicals and music for the classroom or performance.


We have created and made available quality material at an affordable price, to help anyone who wants to put on a show or introduce music into the classroom with no hassles and "no drama" ;-)  Our carefully compiled supporting material helps you mount performances as quickly and easily as possible - even if it's your first time - without breaking the bank. 


You'll notice on the "Pricing" page that, rather than charging extra, you buy the rights to use the material in one simple and affordable package. 


We would appreciate you reading and adhering to the performing rights and copyright notices, as your cooperation shows creators that our talents and efforts are appreciated and also enables us to keep producing new material for everyone to enjoy.


Thank you so much!

Colleen & Charles Segal


Performing and Sharing Rights Information


The writers and composers and Charles Segal Publications 

are the copyright owners of the material described on this website.


Contact the publisher for all enquiries about rights and to receive written permission for any part of any of this material to be transmitted, emailed, shared, stored in a retrieval system, or reproduced in any form or by any means whatsoever, whether by re-typing, copying, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, manuscript, typesetting, recording, uploading, or any other means.

Obtain written permission from the publisher for rights for live or recorded performance, whether in a theater, online or virtual, or a public reading, or live streaming, internet, radio or TV broadcast, cable, motion picture, or translation into a foreign language, whether produced by professionals or amateurs and whether the audience is charged admission or not.


It is an infringement of the copyright to share this material in any form without the written prior consent of the copyright owners.

To perform or share copyrighted material without permission deprives the writers of their livelihood.

Please email Charles Segal Publications

for more information and permission: OR

Fill out the CONTACT form on our website.  


All Rights Strictly Reserved.

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