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This pandemic has made first year teachers of us all!  

Everything is experimental. 

Many teachers are, justifiably, feeling isolated,

frustrated and overwhelmed.   

We are all in an unfamiliar and sometimes

traumatizing environment

- and in need of as much support as possible. 

So we have stepped up our game to find ways to inspire and engage students even more than in person classes. 

"We teachers determine the energy in the classroom,

so, if we can find ways to relax and uplift our own spirits,

we can bring our class with us on this new and exciting journey.

To start off this weird school year, I firmly believe that

the HOW is just as important as the WHAT.

If we can begin with a sparkling smile, a twinkle in our eye

and something surprising, different & "out of the box",

it will go a long way to getting our classes (and ourselves) energized.

Instead of expecting to be bored with the "same old", they'll

always be excited for our classes and wondering

what we're going to bring to the class each day.

This "surprise" will shift to a positive energy (in ourselves and in them).

Happy, energized pupils will accept even the most "boring" topics

all because of the reward we gave them at the start."


From one of our Teacher Workbooks:  "How to Make Lessons Fun"        










For example, a short spurt of MUSIC and DRAMA

inserted into any subject, introduces normalcy

and fun that goes a long way in healing

everyone's stress by taking us all

out of our isolated quarantine situation

and getting everyone inspired, engaged

and enthusiastic about a project.

teacher w green screen.png

"Just because, in most schools, we have to be physically distant,

doesn’t mean also having to be “socially” distant. 

In fact, socialization and a sense of normality

is what we all crave at this time."

Some first steps in our healing process is to feel part

of our community again and find intention. 

Since many classrooms are not physically together,

we're finding ways to bridge the "distanced" gap by introducing elements to connect teachers with students

– and students with each other so they, once again,

can feel part of a unified group.

For example, "Music &/or personalized "chatting" in a lesson can

inject fun and break monotony some antsy students feel."


"Mounting a performance can bring students together

to get excited about a shared goal. 

Working together on a play makes

them still feel connected - even when distanced."


For Drama & Theatre teachers, we have easy-to-produce 

plays and musicals that we continue adapting

for remote production.  These shows give students

a chance to develop a variety of skills, to socialize,

and, most especially, to give remote actors opportunities

to still work with other actors on their scenes, rather than

only performing monologues, that still keep everyone isolated.  


We also provide engaging music with lesson plans

to help all teachers make their classes appealing and fun

by adding music as a stimulus for discussion and learning.

We trust that our material helps and inspires

theatre directors, drama - and all teachers -

by providing some ideas to uplift and engage everyone.

We welcome questions, comments and requests, as we are always updating. 

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