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Virtual or Online Theatre is a brand new medium necessitated by the worldwide pandemic.  Many dedicated people are experimenting with different ways to replace the stage so we can still enjoy performance productions while social distancing. 


Our challenge is to help support directors and teachers to still

have drama lessons and produce plays despite this crazy time. 


So we have carefully crafted some VIRTUAL THEATRE PLAYS especially for the new platform and are also adapting our popular shows for virtual performance on Zoom or other platforms.  We modified stage directions for actors and directors to facilitate successful virtual productions. 


Each play has Workbooks, Lesson Plans and Rehearsal Ideas - to help even the most inexperienced directors / teachers engage the actors and offering guidance through the entire process of producing our plays.  Our creative team is there to support you: we're always available to help you, so let us know what you need.  No question is too small or too big. 

As we learn more about this new medium, more production possibilities will open up.  The exciting thing is that now is a perfect opportunity for innovation, experimentation and creativity.  And creativity is at the heart of theatre – so we’re excited!  


Let’s get creative together!

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